antique sandstone, marble, granite

Finish of Stone Surface

Natural Cleft: The stone which is split in two layers without any machine or special treatment is called “Natural cleft”. It may be uneven or rough or zig zag.
Sawn: This kind of finish consists of the Gangsaw Machine or Block Cutter or Wire Gangsaw that surface may have the mark of blade or scratches.
Honed: Finish of sawn or Natural cleft is removed by Table Honed Machine which can be used in both Polish & Honed. It looks clean, Shiny and Smooth.
Polished: The surface of the Slab’s top is grinned by either Table Polish or LPM (line Polish Machine) by lower level of the grinding bar to top level resulting make the surface “Mirror Polished”.
Bush Hammered: Little hole on the surface is made by hand with bust and light stroke of the Hammer, makes the slab or tile “Bush Hammered”.
Sand Blasted: A scabrous (coarse) finish of the stone slab is called sand blasted. Sandblasting can be done by a blast of air or steam at a high speed motor with compressor using sand. This finish is also used before Brushing.
Flamed (Thermal): Flaming works as normal to burn the surface of the stone, it makes the surface coarse for making the grip (non slippery).
Velvet (Leather Finish): It looks as leather that’s why called leather finish is also.
Brushed (Antique): Stone surface with brushed finish is very famous and fabulous it looks like ramshackle.
Grooved: Small parallel ditch line at every certain distance is called grooved. It looks like panel.