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Deoli Green Slate

Deoli green slate tiles and 1mm veneer in all surface finishes like polished, honed, flamed, brushed (velvet finished) supplier from India.

Deoli Green Slate

Name of Product: Deoli Green Slate / Golden Green Quartzite / Green Mica Slate

Shape: Tiles; Crazy; Sink (Ready to fit)

Finish: Polished / Honed / Flamed / Brushed (Antique) / Velvet surface / Veneer

Both surfaces natural (Thickness 10mm to 20mm)
One surface natural other surface Calibrated (Thickness 12mm ±2mm)
One surface Calibrated other surface honed (Thickness 10mm, 15-20-30-40 ±1mm)

Edges: Machine Cut

Standard size Tiles:

200mm x 300mm x 10mm thick
305mm x 305mm x 10-15mm thick
400mm x 400mm x 12-15mm thick
610mm x 305mm x 10-20mm thick
600mm x 400mm x 18mm or 20-30-40-50mm
600mm x 600mm x 18mm or 20-30-40-50mm

Applications: It may be used in Roof tile, Swimming pool, Pool table, Flooring, Stair, Wall cladding, Vanity top, Counter top, Table top etc.