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Pleasure of natural waterfall with Rainforest marble pebbles in the Garden

Rainforest green marble pebbles

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All pebbles can be divided in two parts that one is organic and second is tumbled stone which is called (artificial) tumbled stone / pebbles, many colour full stone can be tumbled according to size, colour and finish. All kind of Natural stone like granite, marble, sandstone, slate and limestone are available in pebbles shape on demand. Tumbling process can be done by two method first is front loading tumble and second is vibrator tumbling but first method tumble gives very smooth, full rounded and perfect finish to its shape.

Rainforest green marble is one of the most beautiful flooring element from India, its green background with brown veins provide a manifest of “GREEN FOREST” that’s why its name is Rainforest green marble which comes in many shape like slabs, tiles, counter top and wall tiles but many application in construction where one can feel difficult to use aforesaid shape which is waterfall, garden, pools etc. Rainforest green marble tumbled stone (pebbles) are available at Maxaner International in the size range 50-200mm with different finish polished, semi polished & rough. A combination of green and brown is natural combination on earth which is present in plant and trees

How to build the waterfall using Rainforest green marble pebbles:

A Waterfall enhances the beauty of garden. Its size & height depends on free space of the property where it has to be built. There is many kind of the water fall in design and size but I will suggest and show you how to build a natural water fall in your property. Minimum 25-33% area of free space property is ideal for natural waterfall and height should be 25-33% of the diagonal length of the free space. If your property has a natural hill then you are lucky and it must keep reserved for waterfall and if not you can make a hill or two artificially which must be covered with minimum one feet thick garden soil layer around the hill. Before spreading the soil around the hill you must build a pool to supply the water and complete pipe line connection with water pump to the hill. Motor capacity, size of pipe depends on the height of hill and its surface area. Water connection pipe should be in uniformly spread over the hill, you can fit the fountain for more pleasure. You can also put the block steps to the hill to go on the top (recommended) between both queues of the pebbles.

Now let the grass grow on spread soil to escape erosion of soil during downpour the water from hill, after growing the grass up to 80-100mm, start to set the rainforest green marble pebbles (best combination: black river pebble with green rainforest marble pebbles) randomly of different size 100-500mm one by one from the bottom upto to the hill, joint the motor with pipe and put in tank filled with water, now run the motor to view your dream project.

Application of Rainforest marble: Front stone steps, Porch steps, landing steps, outdoor stone steps, stone staircase, front stair steps, garden stepping stone, pebbles, counter top, sink, vanity tops

Size: 300x300mm, 300x600mm, 600x1200mm, 1200x2400mm jumbo gang-saw polished slabs
Thickness: 20MM, 30MM, 50MM, 150MM & 200MM

Our wide range includes marble tiles & slabs made from Rainforest brown marble, Green onyx, Rainforest gold marble, pink marble, Limestone & Slate. In addition, we have wall cladding, cobble stones, pebbles, stepping stones, stone artifacts, stone treads, stone blocks etc.

Packing: All tiles, slabs and pebbles are packed in chemically treated, sea worthy, strong, scratch proof wooden pallets.

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