Shot blasted sandstone

Teak sandstone: Decorate your floor with veins

Teak Sandstone is the famous stone in its range of the Indian sandstone which is creamish yellow in colour with brown surfing veins. This sandstone color may vary from place to place depending on the topographical features of the soil’s or earth’s crust but they are cream, yellow, brown, gray, black and white in colors. The mines of this stone are situated near Khatu (Rajasthan) which is the spiritual place of Rajasthan thus it is also known by its name of origin as “KHATU STONE”. The specialty of the this stone is that it can not be splitted in two parts of the slab because the rock of the Teak sandstone is very “SOFT STONE” and not having the “LAYERS”, what is found in other Indian sandstones and limestones which can be splitted from there by hand and thus the surface finish of the sandstone does not come in natural cleft. The Teak sandstone is swan by the gangsaw or block cutter or jumbo gangsaw machine to the slabs, tiles, mosaic tiles, circles and pool coping bullnose tiles.

This yellow stone is very beautiful sandstone its long dark brown surfing veins go to straight forward horizontal or vertical (depends on you how to put the tiles: horizontal or vertical or it can also be fabricated as diagonal veins) but not moving in round or like bushes, gives a manifestation of the “TEAK WOOD” thus the name “TEAK” has been popular due to its look similar to teak wood. It can be processed and fabricated in tiles as well as big size jumbo slabs up to 1550 x 2450MM in width and length with 10 to 150mm in thickness. The surface finishes of this sandstone can covert from sawn to honed, polished, bush hammered, flamed and shot blasted but shot blasted finish makes uneven surface due to its softness. Due to the porosity of this material, it soaks a lot of water or other liquid which makes is heavy after dampen. Porosity varies depending on particle size and aggregation. Porosity is inversely related to bulk density which is calculated as a percentage of the soil volume:

Bulk density
——————– X 100 = % solid space
Particle density
100% – % Solid Space = Percent Porosity


It is a sedimentary rock which comprises silicate minerals. Feldspar, mica, quartz, clay minerals presents in the Teak sandstone formation.

This stone is comparatively soft than other Indian sandstone like Gwalior mint sandstone or kandla grey etc. which makes urn production easier for the Garden accessories like bench, lamp post, net, pillar, headstone etc. the softness of the this makes easier the carving on the lathe machine to target shape. Some kind of the these sandstone in certain mines having the little pin holes which is natural and can not avoid as well as treated, however that are very small but visible. Moreover, it can be used in all kind of the domestic construction like stair, raiser, wall cladding, pool coping tiles with bullnose, statue, fountain, bathroom tiles due to roughness on the sawn surface finish, backsplash tiles, counter top, vanity top, flooring tiles etc. This is very suitable for the pool coping tiles because of the rugged surface finish which makes the pool surrounding slip less due to water what does the grip stronger between paws and flooring. It has been seen that the surface of the flamed granite cobbles gets polished or slippery after some time because of long terms used but the teak remians same as it is. The colour combination with water looking very elegant that provide the splendid ambient to the swimmers. Beside Teak sandstone can also be used in shopping mall, temples, theatre, hospital etc. it is always available for artist due to massive Teak sandstone blocks for giving their targeted shape. So many kinds of urn, flower pot, stone ball, birds and other handicraft can be easily produced. The Teak sandstone tiles are available in various thickness and sizes at Maxaner International as below

300×300, 300×600, 400×400, 400×600, 500×500, 600×600 with all premium finish like honed, polished etc..

Black sandstone tiles               Teak sandstone tiles

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