Shot blasted sandstone

Silver shine slate: Prettiest texture

Mostly north Indian slate have very elegant look due to having the MICA in its formation that makes it quite diverse from other natural stone and slate. Deoli honed slate provides glossy finish while kund slate matte finish which can be used according to need and designer’s choice to make the owner home unique. No other natural stone even granite gives a perfect appearance. Slate is famous for its variation, which shows the minerals impurities in formation of the original stone, provides a splendid look in use of spacious wall or ground. Because the variation takes place in many colours, many sizes and many shapes there is no format for variation due to fluctuation of the certain amount of minerals impurities, it is in random form in original background of the stone colour, which is used on big space or wall. Silver shine slate is very dazzling which reflect the light to many angles and add a plenty of brightness to place. That makes one feeling bright, sparkling and shiny room.

All Indian slates are processed in natural cleft (Split) or honed on top surface and bottom can be leave as natural, calibrated or honed. Bottom calibration gives a certain level of the thickness to fix on the wall or platform which increases the grip & strength to the tile. In normal condition, the scratches would not form on the surface of this stone

Application of the Deoli Slate/Quartz: This stone is most favorite for architects due to having MICA so this can be used in many applications like flooring to roof tile. Since this is very hard, durable, heat, water, moisture and house hold chemicals resistant. All Deoli slate like Deoli green slate, Ocean green slate, Zeera green slate, Copper, Silver shine slate & Silver grey is suitable absolutely for roofing tile, pathway, swimming pool, wall cladding & fireplace surrounding in both finish like natural cleft and honed.

All Deoli slates are now exported to many countries like China Turkey, USA, UK, Spain, Canada, Israel, Germany, Poland, Singapore and Russia. If you want more information for Deoli slate, please contact to or visit at site

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