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Rainforest Green Marble: Give an elegant look to your home

Rainforest Green Marble if you say it marble may be you don’t know what it is, since all quarries of this marble under the soil at Bidasar (Rajasthan – northern part of INDIA), so is also known “BIDASAR” in local language. Actually, the Rain forest marble is not a marble technically the category of this material is Serpentinite which is a rock composed predominantly more than one marble or minerals calcite and dolomite. Rainforest comes in three colour like Green, Rainforest Brown marble and Rainforest Golden marble. If you see the Rainforest marble, it is hard to imagine that marble can be in this form. Since this is used in decorative material like furnitures, light fitting, artistic pots & fireplaces etc but are most beautiful use in Flooring tiles, counter tops, kitchen tops and interior decoration like Brushed finish (Antique finish , Leather finish) wall hanging material in homes and commercial places.

The texture of this marble is very unique and wonderful most of people love it at sight, they want it in their home in any form. Brown marble having dark brown veins what is widespread in all surfaces with different sizes and length like the branches of tree give it an elegant look. Having installed it is hard to understand that it is coloured paper or natural stone if you choose the leather finish of this material as wall cladding manifest a deep forest. House owner can use to give a beautiful look to their kitchen, bathroom and living room. It is quite fit for any background colour, shape because having more than two colour in little difference. Its green and brown colour gives it as exotic appearance, when it is brushed the dark brown veins comes as embossed form rather than surface. Brushing process keeps veins which made of the wooden at higher point due to harder than marble surface while the moving bristles of the brush remove the surrounding area of the veins makes all of marble slabs smooth and antique which comes with small and big branches spread all over the surface.

Care of the marble with leather finish is a little difficult because deep narrow ditch both side of the veins deposits dust and grim if it is not cleaned in a week or fortnight the layer of the dust convert into hard sticky layer make the shining dull and dusty. It would be better if you clean gently the leather surface with small size brush (moving the brush similar with veins) twice in a week. Do not apply the water and any ordinary cleaning agent, oil, acids, detergent and other liquid material on its surface because normal cleaning agent or liquid will remove the polish from finish. After the brushing, make polish with soft clean cotton cloth can increase shining of the surface. Since it is brittle and heavy stone so it may break or open from the veins due to poor handing or internal weakness so must avoid pouring of coffee, juice, vinegar and wining over the surface. After staining the surface, it can be very hard to remove and require special treatment of the experts. For more information or buy the Rainforest marble you may visit at our site or contact us (

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